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How to Balance a Room Using Wicker

Summary: Wicker furniture, when utilized in the appropriate amount, can transform any room into a stunning display.

Many interior designers believe that the key to decorating is to use items in the right amounts. For instance, a house that is painted green with a matching green door may catch the interest of those that are passing by because of its overuse of green. However, mixing this green color with different porch decisions or trim would balance things out to allow the color to naturally shine without sticking out like a sore thumb.

This may be one of the easier issues to spot due to its bright color, but other decorative pieces could be difficult to determine whether they’re overbearing or not. Wicker is a great representation since it is a distinguishable piece of furniture that can either improve the look of a home or ruin its appearance.

Don’t Clutter Your Home

While it’s great to look at a patio or porch that’s filled with gorgeous Seagrass furniture, this appearance may not translate well if you’re using a similar combination of elements in your main rooms.

The tables and chairs may mesh well outdoors, but inside, a room stacked with pieces from Wicker Paradise for example, can make your home look and feel incomplete. For these reasons alone, it’s important not to let go of your traditional furniture in favor of replacing it fully with wicker. Try and keep the sturdiest and most sophisticated pieces and only take out the wicker chairs and tables as minor contributions in these cases. Moreover, try and use wicker furniture as accents in your home as opposed to making them the primary pieces. Your established furniture should occupy much of the room.

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