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The Hidden Health Benefits of Foam Inserts

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

If you sit at a desk for most of your working hours, you may need to adopt some new practices for your long-term health. In addition to moving around more and taking standing breaks, it would be a good idea to add foam inserts to your office seat cushion.

You may be aware of the negative health effects of sitting for too long. When you sit, your lower body, back, and tailbone experience pressure and compression. When your body is not allowed to maintain its natural shape, unnatural things begin to happen. Your circulation and digestion are hindered, which increases the risk of digestive and circulatory conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.

The best way to mitigate these effects is to stand and move around regularly. If you’re still required to sit for long periods of time, adding foam inserts will reduce the unhealthy pressure on your body. Foam will distribute your body’s weight more evenly and ensure that you keep a straight, healthy posture. This will improve your circulation and digestion as you finish your work. It will also lead to fewer aches and pains after multiple days of prolonged sitting.

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