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Boat Mattress Replacement Tips

Having a boat is lots of fun and your friends and family will enjoy getting out in the sunshine and fishing or water skiing. If you’ve had your boat for a while, then you may have realized that everything wears out quicker on a boat. That’s because it’s exposed to water that can cause things to rust or mildew. Everything on your boat is exposed to sunlight which can result in colors fading and fabrics getting threadbare.

The good news is that replacing a boat mattress replacement is not difficult or expensive. In fact, you may need to replace the cushions on your boat regularly. Foam is highly affected by sun, wind and water. It will begin to disintegrate and crumble. It often makes a fine dust that can be hard to breathe.

Boat Mattress Replacement Ideas

When you notice cushions getting lumpy or giving off an offensive odor, then it’s time to replace them. Boat mattress replacement should probably take place at least once every two years depending on how much you use your boat. Even if it stays in the garage, those foam cushions will begin to deteriorate.

The first step is to make a note of how many cushions you need and the size of each one. If a cushion is oddly shaped, make a drawing of it. Don’t forget to measure the thickness. Foam cushions can be anywhere from one inch to four or five inches thick. If the fabric has faded or been damaged, then replace the entire cushion instead of just the foam.

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