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Different materials used for residential mailboxes

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Residential Mailboxes are available as decorative, column locking mount and wall mount mailboxes. However, the choice of your mailbox is directly dependent on the type of material that is used for these mailboxes.

According to Go Mailboxes, there are a variety of materials that are used in the manufacture of these mailboxes. You can select the mailbox that suits your requirements perfectly.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for residential mailboxes. Unlike other metals, it does not rust easily in moist conditions. Therefore, a stainless-steel mailbox is not ideal for outdoors but also for places with extreme weather conditions. Aluminum is another material that is used. However, its use is restricted owing to its tendency to rust after a few years.

Plastic could also prove to be an excellent option especially for areas with a moderate temperature, as they are durable and will not rust at all. However, this material must be avoided if the mailbox is to be installed in areas with high temperature, as it will deform.

Brass is the most frequently used material, owing to its elegant and historical look. However, brass is one of those materials which need to be frequently maintained with polishing and shining. If this type of mailbox is not regularly polished, it will tend to get a green color on its exterior, eventually making the mailbox look neglected.

You can choose any one of these materials and order the mailbox of your choice.

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