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Landscaping around a mailbox

Article by Palmetto Biz Buzz

The mailbox is one of the last places when you think about landscaping, but it can also transform how it looks. All it takes are a few flowers, ornamental grass, or evergreen plants and you have something that does not look out of place in your front yard. Here are some tips from MailboxesResidential.com for landscaping around your mailbox:

One way to start is to surround your mailbox with flowers. First of all, you need large vertical varieties that are not covered by the mailbox itself. But do not get carried away to the point of blocking the access of your postman. Leaf coreopsis, purple blueberries, dark-eyed Susan and other members of the daisy family will form a colorful group.

Alternatively, you can surround the post with flower beds. Distinctive alternatives would be dwarf or medium hybrid sunflowers, hollyhocks or resistant hibiscus. Decide if you want your flower bed to stand out or blend into the environment. To make it more visible, cover it with mulch and install a border with metal edges, stones or tiles.

Traditional climbing varieties can become a handy way to hide your Victorian mailboxes, but they will require a better support position than the standard four feet. Install a trellis behind the pole firmly supported by metal stakes, and train your climate or wisteria around the pole and trellis.

That’s just with flowers, you can also use grass, and plants to decorate your mailbox. The options are almost endless.

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